THE ULTIMATE KAREN MOK SHOW 莫文蔚《绝色》来袭 1130 唱响吉隆坡亚通万人体育馆

THE ULTIMATE KAREN MOK SHOW 莫文蔚《绝色》来袭 1130 唱响吉隆坡亚通万人体育馆 LiveBa! - Music, Livehouse, Live Band, Gig in Malaysia


Asian sexy diva Karen Mok officially announces her large-scale solo concert in Malaysia. This long-awaited concert will be her first, and also her last as Karen will retire from concert touring after the end of her current world tour, aptly titled “The Ultimate Karen Mok Show,” which celebrates her 25 years in show business.

This means her one-night-only show in Axiata Arena Bukit Jalil on November 30th at 8pm, will mark the last time the singer-actress will stage a "pop concert of this scale" here in Malaysia. This extensive world tour flagged off in Shanghai last year and has since toured Shenzhen, Chengdu, Tianjin, Chongqing, Macau, Beijing, Taipei, Singapore and many other major cities, receiving overwhelming response. The tour is expected to end by 2019 covering 50 dates worldwide.

Aimed to deliver an “ultimate” concert experience, this well-curated world tour will feature an innovative blend of musical genres and is adorned with rich cultural elements such as tango, classical music, and traditional drums and ethnic dances with a strong oriental flavour.

Karen is all set to treat fans with steaming hot performances, her iconic ballad and Guzheng skill in suave solo. The show will also be a fashion extravaganza as Karen will switch in different looks from her nudecoloured bodysuit and sexy skin-tight Cat woman jumpsuit to a glittery golden princess gown, all to make the tour a truly fulfilling feast for the eyes and the ears!

Known for her rich and sensual voice, not only will Karen perform her classic hits such as “Glowing Fond of You,” “He Loves Me Not,” “When You Are Old,” “Suddenly,” “If without You” and etc., she is set to serenade fans with plenty of new tracks from her latest studio album “HALF TIME.”

Singer, musician, actress, producer and philanthropist, the multi-talented artiste, Karen Mok, has established her name across the film, TV and music scenes. With over 30 albums released throughout her career, she was nominated seven times as “Best Female Singer” and won twice at the Golden Melody Awards. To date, she has hosted more than 75 concerts worldwide, and starred in over 50 films and TV series.

有亚洲“性感女神”堪称的全方位艺人莫文蔚,从 93 年出道至今,将首次 登陆马来西亚开唱!Karen将携带《绝色》25周年世界巡演华丽来袭,于11月30日,晚上8点, 引爆吉隆坡亚通室内体育馆 (Axiata Arena)!这场期待已久的音乐会将是她在大马的第一次,也是 她的最后一次,因为莫文蔚将在目前的世界巡演结束后,宣布退出巡回演唱会。

《绝色》巡演去年在上海率先开跑,陆续唱响深圳、澳门、北京、重庆、成都、天津、台北,新 加坡等各大城市。巡演宣布至今获得空前绝后的热烈回响,多个场次门票一开卖便刷新记录,成 功缔造票房口碑双赢的佳绩,《绝色》巡演将持续到 2019 年底,穿越大江南北超过 50 个城市。演唱会主题“绝色”的概念从“绝”字衍生而来,象征着最活跃的“绝色”女歌手,也代表着巅峰之作的 “绝色”演唱会。整场演出缀入了许多的文化元素,呈现多个音乐主题,如探戈、西方歌剧、以及 拥有浓厚东方气息的传统击鼓、民族舞等桥段,给粉丝们带来“绝”对精彩的演唱会体验

1993 年出道,香港著名影、视、歌多栖的莫文蔚,至今已发行了超过 30 张不同语言的专辑,7 度 入围并 2 度获得金曲奖最佳女歌手、主演超过 50 部电影及电视剧、更举办了超过 75 场个人演唱 会。

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