Livehouse 現場展演空間

LiveHouse originated in Japan because these indoor venues have professional performance venues and high-quality sound effects. “Live House” quickly became popular in Japan, Europe and America. Unlike ordinary bars, LiveHouse generally has top-notch music equipment and audio equipment, making it ideal for close-up viewing of live music. Because the audience and artists are very close, the atmosphere in the Live House is often far better than the effect of a large stadium.

LiveHouse最早起源于日本,因为这些室内场馆具备专业的演出场地和高质量的音响效果。“Live House”迅速风行于日本及欧美地区。和普通的酒吧不同,LiveHouse一般都有顶级的音乐器材和音响设备,非常适合近距离欣赏各种现场音乐。由于观众和艺人距离非常近,因此在Live House中的演出气氛往往远胜于大型的体育馆的效果

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